What Billee’s Clients and Students say about her work

Beautiful Journey


My journey began following the death of my son when my heart and soul were left ravaged with pain.  

With Billee’s gentle guidance, I untapped within myself a personal empowerment and healing beyond my imagination.   Billee’s Archetypes Workshop was meaningful as it opened me to learning about myself.   Her Embracing Fear Retreat  helped me address life-long fears and achieve an internal harmony and  balance in a world often filled with confusion and chaos.  Billee’s Private Class Sessions  are a continuing source of support and connection to conversations with  my Soul, my partner in life.  Billee’s expert Guidance is essential to  my well-being.

Carol E Moss

Grief Recovery Specialist

Freed from my Fears


“I  would say I have always been a cautious person, whereas others in my  life would say I'm afraid too explore life. When I found Billee was  teaching a Fear Retreat I knew I had to attend. When I first met her,  which was a pre requisite of attending the retreat. As she read me, she  explained that while I do have fears, because we all do, just because I  was cautious did not mean I was “fear filled” or too afraid to “explore  my life” as I have been told so many times before.  I immediately fell  in love with her. Cautious people, she explained, are just that,  cautious. We take our time and look at all the angles before we  leap,here was absolutely nothing wrong with being that way. 

I  decided I still wanted to attend the retreat as I wanted to take a look  at, and remove the fears that came through my mom’s line of the family.  I have to admit, it was hard. Really hard. though she uses a lot of  humor to teach, and tries to keep things light. The guides she works  with are very no nonsense and go straight to the bottom of things. That  being said with the tools I learned on how to work with fear were  amazing. I am able to discern and own what is mine and how to release  what is not. I am more free and at ease with myself then I have ever  been and I cannot thank you enough for all you have taught me, and  continue to teach me. You don’t get rid of me that easily lol ;-).”

Kerry P.  Utah

Self Awareness and Healing

    “I've known Billee Burchett for about six years. In this relatively short  period of time she has helped me heal in many ways - physically,  psychologically and spiritually.   

    Last year Billee organized a trip to Peru and I was  lucky enough to be asked to join her group of travelers.  It ended up  being one of the most interesting and enjoyable travel experiences ever!  From the hand-picked travel companions, room mates, travel guide and  places we went - to the most exquisite boutique resort hotel and gardens  - it was a trip of a lifetime! Billee was responsible for the planning  and execution of the whole experience. It couldn't have been more  wonderful!

    Recently Billee was instrumental in helping my  husband's immediate recovery from the effects of a concussion. Through  her intuitive communication and healing skills she helped him come to  the understanding that he was ok, and given time, would recover. She  gave him coping skills that helped alleviate his claustrophobia, panic  attacks and uncontrollable emotions. Today he has made great progress  and I fully believe he will make a complete recovery.

    Billee has  provided guidance in the realm of self awareness and self healing by  offering classes in Archetypal discovery and Reiki. This has helped me  understand my journey in this life. I hate to think of what my life  might have been like had I not met her~ ”

- Loretta Ligotti 

Becoming Aware

  “The workshops and insightful private sessions with Billee and her Guides provided  the tools to make sense of not only my own Archetypes but also the  ability to recognize the Energetic dynamics of those I interact with.   

My growth and awareness continued when I accompanied  Billee to Peru.  Everything from our lodging to the deeply rich spiritual locations of  our meditations throughout Peru resulted in a life altering trip.”

Juilia H.  Reno NV.

Aden’s Story


“My girlfriend encouraged me to take Billee Burchett’s Archetypes Workshop with her.  Sounded like fun, so why not!  I had no idea what to expect.  It was a transforming experience.  Billee opened my eyes to my internal self and so began my personal discovery journey.  I love her classes and look forward to every opportunity to learn under her expert guidance.  I am forever grateful and thankful for having Billee in my life.  Billee, you’re awesome!”

Susie Walker