"Lao Tzu teaches

'Being deeply loved by someone, gives you strength. While loving someone deeply gives you courage.'

So what would it be like if we learned to love our souls as deeply? Wouldn't that be something...


Born in the Northern Sierras she was lovingly named, by her mother Jane, after her father William and Aunt Lee, whose blended names created "Billee."

Like the origin of her name, Billee began her very unique quest for spiritual understanding quite young. Raised by a mother who felt she and her brother needed to be exposed to different spiritual beliefs, at a very young age they were taken to various churches, synagogues and meeting halls. This background became a springboard for her spiritual journey, which had led her to study many spiritual traditions and ancient texts.   Above all, Billee's core beliefs make her strive to communicate the message to others that
​"...We are all loved by so many beings in so many realms. Now, let's roll up our sleeves and get to know our souls so that we are true companions." 


In her own words:​

 For as long as I can remember I have been a little…well let’s just say “different.” Since childhood, I saw things from an entirely different perspective seeing everything as energy fields and the streams contained within them. This perspective makes it possible for me to see the emotions of people at any given time.

Maybe you have heard the old saying, that there are three sides to every story, your side, my side, and the truth? I found, early on that I could see all three sides. I could see how each person reached their own conclusion through their perceptions and filters. More importantly, I saw that the truth never chose a side.

You see, I not only observed what was here in front of all of us, I saw another realm entirely; I could see the other side.

Imagine being able to see beyond this physical world to one that is unseen by the naked eye, a realm that is not ruled by societies, fear, ego and pride, but by independence, strength and the celebration of our individuality. It’s a wondrous and welcoming place, where there is no judgment, no hate or recrimination. There is only unconditional love, and understanding.

I believe the more understanding we have, the more clarity we gain. Being able to see beyond this physical world and to be a part of the other side, never really frighten me. In fact, it fascinated me! It was there, in that realm that I discovered and developed the strength I needed to both survive and thrive in this physical world.

At first, I thought everyone saw things this way. Yet I quickly learned that I was very wrong.  I found the other side views things completely different from this side. I learned early on to keep quiet about my gifts and connection with the guides. On more than one occasion, I blurted out something I was shown. Often it would end up pissing off someone who’d rather stay in their wounds rather than listen to a non-biased opinion. That’s when I made a conscious decision to divide myself up into two sides, which I termed, My Physical Realm Self and my Internal Realm Self.

Needless to say growing up was not a lot of fun for me. As a child I felt completely out of place. At the time, I couldn’t understand what I was feeling or seeing… But I did see how other kids with unusual abilities were treated… and let me tell you, there was no way in hell I was going to be anyone’s dart board! Instead I allowed myself to fade into the background, and flew so far below the radar, it was almost more of a belly crawl.

In my early twenties, the first group of guides from the other side popped in and helped me expand and understand my gift of sight. This happened when I was a young massage therapist, while working on a client. She was talking about her daughter; my eyes were closed as that was how I was taught to feel the muscles. When suddenly, I could see these bright streams of energy, leading right to her daughter and her daughter’s situation. I could see everything in the daughter’s world from her own point of view, despite physically remaining with my client. I heard a gentle whisper, “it’s time for your training to begin” I was so ecstatic, I could hardly stand myself! This amazing world was opening up to me and I reveled in the time I spent with them.

Since that I day, guides and entities from the other side are always about me. Teaching me, showing me, and bringing clarity to everything I see and wonder about.

A short time after, I met a Native American Medicine Man. It was such an honor yet I was scared to death. He had the kindest eyes, while looking at me and smiled   saying “I see who you are.” From that point, I literally just stared at him, and as if taking a cue he continued to speak, “You walk between worlds.”

His eyes did not waver and just smiled as he waited for my answer. While my guides were screaming “YES, YES YES”  I heard myself answer quietly “…uh no… I don’t think so.”  Then I started to panic, I felt fear creep in and overcome me like I had never felt before. I had always looked at my Fears as more of a teaching, but the Fear of exposure completely freaked me out. He could see me!

As I began to sweat I stuttered, and said   “I don’t think I know what you are talking about.” “Oh, I think you do,” he answered. “You walk between worlds. It is a fine line and difficult path, but it is what you have chosen.”

I took a breath and composed myself, then trusted my guides and agreed with him. For the first time in my life a sense of calmness and relief washed over me. He spent a considerable amount of time with me and helped me to recognize and accept the fact that, just because I was different did not mean I there was something wrong with me. From that moment on, I jumped right in putting both feet on the path I had chosen.

It took me several years, but with the help and strength of my Higher Power, the other side, as well as my loving and supportive wife, and a strong support system of wonderful friends and family, I have learned to walk between both worlds with ease and confidence in who I am.

For the past 28 years, It has been my greatest honor and privilege to  work with the Otherside. With the goal of helping people find their own personal empowerment and connection to a realm beyond what our physical eyes can see. Everyone’s life journey is unique, and they are distinctly different from each other.  

So come work with me, and let’s discover the person you were born to be.