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Be Who You Are


What is it about us humans that we become so afraid of just being  who we are? Are we are the only creatures on this earth that spend a  good portion of our lives trying to be something other than who we  really truly are?
Perhaps it stems from the fear of not being  accepted by society and the people we feel we need to impress. Many of  us do not really know who we truly are inside, so we often allow others  to tell us, and then we wonder why we do not have the inner piece and happiness we so crave in this life. 

 It is important that we understand we were never meant to be what  others want us to be, nor to make others be what we want them to be. We  are meant to be unique. We were all created individually, and as  individuals, we each have our own uniqueness. For example, in the  Physical Realm no two hand prints are the same, in the Emotional Realm  no two people experience emotion the same way during a situation, and in  the Spiritual Realm, no two people view the laws of the universe in the  exact same way, and so on.  We bring these idiosyncrasies with us in  life so that we may enhance the lives of others. We are each a unique  piece that makes up a whole universe.

Where would we be if it  were not for what we consider some of the most unusual people through  out our history? Howard Hughes, for instance, was very well known for  his eccentricities and his bizarre lifestyle, and behavior. Through out  all that was said about him in his life, he held true to who he was by  simply saying  “I'm not a paranoid deranged millionaire. Goddamit, I'm a  billionaire.” 

It is up to each one of us to go deep within ourselves to find out who we truly are and be the best that we can be.

 If I could have one wish for you today, it is that you go deep within  your soul, and ask yourself who you truly are and then Be who you are.  Because there is nothing wrong with who you are. Being who you are is  what makes you and your life special, and in turn adding different and  special into others lives.


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Mike Jones

Ready to emerge but feeling stuck?

 Try not to judge yourself too harshly.    This is a great time to take a couple of deep breaths and re-center  your energy. Take the time to consciously breath, because it will give  you the opportunity to embrace the moment. Our lives are moments of  acceleration and deceleration. Yes, life does not operate at the rate of  only one speed.
Life is like driving a car on road in the  mountains. Sometimes you have to slow down as the road curves, or  sometimes you have to slow down because it's difficult to see at night.  Would you get upset if you had to slow down to avoid hitting an animal  on the road? Of course not. Yet, people have a tendency to get upset  when their dreams, manifestations, or careers aren't developing at the  speed they've anticipated them to go. This type of thinking is a pitfall  that will lead you to feeling stuck, and often times frustrated about  your direction altogether.
This is why you need to find a few  minutes to yourself, to take a few deep breaths and re-center. Here's an  easy method to help you re-center:
1) Take a few minutes for yourself, in a room, in your car, or anyplace where you feel free with your thoughts.
2) Be conscious of your breathing, and focus on taking 2-3 deep breaths. Inhale nice and easy, then exhale nice and easy.
3) A thought may pop up at this point, and if it is a negative thought  or something that makes you nervous, then just give it 8 seconds of  acknowledgment, let it settle and move on.
4) If the thought  comes back, tell it 'okay, you had your chance, now move on.' This may  occur for 1-2 minutes, but eventually those thoughts will drift and  settle.
5) When that moment where the mind starts to wander  happens, seize it by thinking of a place you have been to or have seen  in a picture that makes you feel happy and excited.
6) When you  feel happy and excited from thinking of this place, allow yourself to  smile inside. When you do this, it will cultivate the part of your brain  where creativity lies. Creativity melts away the feeling of being  stuck.
7) If a solution, or better way to direct your energy  comes up in your mind at this point, then simply write it down, make a  voice recording of the idea on your smartphone, or whatever you do to  make sure you don't forget.
8) After no more than 12 minutes of  this method of re-centering, take a few more conscious deep breaths and  smile to yourself outwardly. Never mind what anyone thinks if they see  you smiling to yourself. There are very few moments in time when it's  inappropriate to smile.
See how this works? It's little  adjustments with our thoughts and feelings that helps us to continue  towards ours goals for happiness, a better career, or maybe just to have  more time with our loved ones. Whatever you are aiming for, just take  the time to breath and re-center. By doing this, you will start to  realize faster that you really aren't stuck, but just in need to slow  down.
Love and Light,  Billee

True Forgiveness


True Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful forms  of healing, because it spans and penetrates all levels of ones body,  mind, and soul. I say True Forgiveness because it is easy to just say “I  forgive” but it is not as easy to do.

True Forgiveness includes:  Forgiveness of the Self, Forgiveness of Others, Forgiveness of a  Situation or even a period of time in our lives. It may also include  asking for forgiveness, or granting it (whole heartedly) when asked.

 True forgiveness cannot be taken lightly, especially if what needs  healing by forgiveness is something deeply rooted within one’s soul. We  have seen this in the Shooting that occurred on Charleston, South  Carolina. Where a gunman entered a small sacred place of worship, and  gunned them down simply because of the color of their skin.

 Instead of choosing to fill their hearts with anger and hate, this  particular community of African Americans chose forgiveness and  reconciliation in the face of vengeful thoughts. A spokesperson from  each one of the families who had lost their loved one, faced the shooter  Dylan Roof and forgave him, and this was not just lip service on their  part. Rather it was the highest order of true forgiveness.
They  chose to see that forgiveness was the true path to healing. Which means  that they saw this tragedy through the eyes of the Divine. They  understood that they were not alone in their suffering. It touched me so  deeply how quickly so many embraced all who were closely tied to this  tragedy. Imagine how difficult this action of forgiveness would have  been for most of us, yet it seemed for them, there was no other option.

 It has always been my belief that the hardest situations to forgive  create the most healing. However it is the hardest action to take. If we  lack in true forgiveness, our souls become depleted and weighed down  with sorrow. This is how I see the heart when one is unwilling to  forgive, the heart in my minds eye appears shrouded with a heavy cloak  constricting its full function. Whereas the heart that is willing to  forgive, is seen as one of light and full of peace.
I pray that one  day all of humanity will be as willing and able to forgive one another  as this lovely community has so freely done. But for now may each and  every one of us work to cultivate this type of ability to forgive,  because I believe this is the first step to healing all of humanity.

Manifestations: The Birth of an Idea

Everything that has come into reality begins within your interior  world, no matter what it is. We look at the three components to  manifestation.

 First: There is creation of the idea, some view this  as thought, but actually it comes from a much deeper place inside of  you, your Interior Realm. It churns around inside of you morphing and  growing just as if it were a small fetus in the womb, warm and safe.  Once developed, at a certain stage the idea then moves to your conscious awareness (or thought.)

 Second: There is vocalizing it; this brings it in, grounds it further  into existence by talking about it and sharing it with those around you.  

Third and Finally: Possibly the hardest part of all, is action.  Taking action is what brings it completely into the physical realm.  Without action it just stays stagnant as an idea in the fetus stage.

 So why do we hide our true selves and ideas? Most fear rejection or  what others may think or say. When you find yourself doing this during  the birth of an idea, no matter what it is, look to your contemporaries.   The truth is, we all inspire and have a need to be inspired.
Where  would we be in society today if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, just kept  their ideas to themselves? Make no mistake, they have been laughed and  doubted many times. Yet they kept creating and feeding their creations.  Same thing could be said of James Cameron and his Avatar characters that  he could see in his mind’s eye since his teenage years.  Then we have  the wonderful and inspirational story of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter.  These people had an internal drive that pushed them into creating these  amazing and wondrous characters to present them to the world, whether  you liked the story’s or not, they made you think and changed the way  you view things, even if just a bit.

So get out there and bring forward your dreams!  
 No matter how crazy it sounds or what it is whether it be a life  change, a new and unusual invention, or even wild stories with far out  characters. Bring them out for the world to enjoy.  Share yourself and  be proud of what you bring to the world.


Your Inner World

 We allow the world to see an outer shell continually morphing and  changing into whatever facade we want others to think or believe about  who we are. It provides us the ability to shine. When we are frightened  it protects the deepest most private aspects of who we are.
Yes,  our Exterior Self is an amazing and powerful tool, but it can also be  the most destructive to ourselves and who we were truly are meant to be  in life. It can be a self imposed prison of self-lies and deceit,  when we are not being honest with the one part of ourselves holding the  truth of who we truly are, and what makes us unique. This is our  Interior Self.
 It is this aspect of us that holds the key to our  greatest self empowerment and freedom. This world is where we create all  that we want for ourselves. It is our strongest power center, and the  one place that cannot be touch or changed by anyone.
The outside  world may try to break you in many ways, physically, mentally and  emotionally.  But NO ONE can touch your Interior World. Remember Anne  Frank? Her Interior World kept her strong and centered even in one of  the most tragic moments of her life.
As humans we are a complicated  species, even though we are made up of only three parts; Soul, Body and  Mind. There are many, many different aspects to us, each with their own  unique set of layers, which intertwine and meld with our life  experiences. Add this to what society expects and our own fears of  seeing what lies deep in our hearts. It’s no wonder we are bundles of  confusion when we are trying to figure out just who we are and what we  want to manifest for ourselves in our lives.
Two of these aspects  are what I call The Exterior Self (world) and Interior Self (world.)  They are two completely different worlds, and are equally important in  what we need to not only survive, but to thrive in today’s world. Our  Exterior Self is that part of us.
Your Interior Self is a gift from your higher power.
Cherish it. Nurture it. Explore it and watch it grow.      

What is Spirituality?


Spirituality is not an organized religion nor is it a specific belief system. It is the study of one's self. A journey into your heart and soul. It's about learning who you are now, and who you want to become. It's about finding your own path, your own truth, and your own relationship with your Higher Power.

One of the great things about spirituality is the many different teachings within in each subject. It is up to you to find which suits you best. You will not find any thing in here that will "Tell" you how to feel or what to believe. that is entirely up to you. I would suggest you look at each subject individually, with an open heart. Listen to what others have to say about it. Listen to what your heart has to say about it. Take only what feels right to you, and leave the rest.Keep in mind that what feels right to you now, may not in the future. We are all constantly changing and growing. But one thing is for sure, all paths lead to your soul and personal growth. there is not one that is faster or better than the other. 

There is no such thing as the wrong path in spirituality. Nor is one soul more enlightened than the other. WE all have something to teach AND something to learn. Everyone is on the same level, just in different areas.

Going into Spirituality can be very overwelming. Not knowing which direction to go into first. TAKE YOUR TIME, you are not in a race. The more you try to force it the slower you will go. Some area's may not be right for you at this time. Ask your heart where it wants to go first. Go to a metaphysical bookstore and wander around, see what interests you. Or just ask for guidance and see where it takes you. (yes believe it or not all you have to do is ask.)

Though you are free to believe what you wish, these are the basic guidelines:

Strive to replace fear and negativity with compassion and unconditional love. 

learn to love who you are, as you are, the Otherside does

Do not condemn, or judge another belief system.

There is no such thing as a wrong decision or path.

Go only with the beliefs that suit you.

Take your time! You are not in a race.

Never be afraid to ask for help. In Spirituality there is no such thing as a dumb or bad question.

If you are asking the universe for something LISTEN CAREFULLY!

you never know where the answer will come from!

Things are not always what they seem.

The best things usually come in small packages.

BE PATIENT! Especially when you are learning something new.

If you get frustrated, or irritated you will stop the flow, and you will have learned NOTHING.

Do not judge yourself. self judgment is the most detrimental thing you can do to your inner world. It can stunt your growth and self empowerment. It has no place in interior work.

Know, you are dearly loved.